What is Catching Lives?

Catching Lives is an independent charity aimed at supporting the rough sleepers, homeless and vulnerably housed in Canterbury and East Kent; those who have, for many reasons, fallen through the gaps in society and feel they have nowhere else to turn.

Our vision is of a society where all are included and all, no matter how disadvantaged, can make a contribution. Catching Lives works towards ending the harm caused to individuals, families and the community, by homelessness, rough sleeping and insecure housing.

We do this by offering immediate respite at our project in Canterbury: the Canterbury Open Centre. In addition to this, we work with our clients to help them to tackle any issues that they may have, get access to suitable accommodation and find the motivation to take steps towards personal recovery and independent living.

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Litfest- Literature for Life


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Catching Lives is working on a two year collaborative Arts project, bringing together partners from across Europe, to jointly develop and inspire methods for inspiring writing, literature and improving literacy skills.Working with different learner groups, spanning all abilities, covering all interests and cultures, partners from Spain, Italy, France and the UK, we will learn from each other about how to create inclusive, cohesive and cultural communities.

The full information is found on our website here

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